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12/365 – Back to the Grind

BACK TO THE GRIND Woke up and realized the honeymoon is over.  Oh, Megan and I are fine – great, in fact! What I mean is, literally, the Honeymoon is over.  The wedding is over.  The engagement is over.  The planning is over.  Everything is […]

For some, this is a nightmare.  For me, awesome.

7/365 – White Slavery

WHITE SLAVERY 8:30am . . . ish.  Megan and I sit in an old 1990s Subaru 4WD, SUV.  Our driver, Felix; owner and operator of a local tourism adventure company . . . snorkeling, scuba, fishing, jeep tours . . . Megan describes him as […]

Rafael and Carlos!

5/365 – Honeymoon!

HONEYMOON! We did it.  We’re in the Dominican Republic on our Honeymoon (sponsored by Groupon).  After bring picked up late by a limo service (does a BMW SUV count as a limo?) that smelled like poopy diapers (does a poopy BMW SUV count as a […]

Everyone looks like this in the Caribbean, right?

4/365 – Travel Advisory

  TRAVEL ADVISORY Today, Megan and I got in our first married couple fight.  In wouldn’t even call it a fight – I mean I just fell down some stairs . . . really . . . <sniffle> . . . she loves me, I […]