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278/365 – Feeling like Crap

Went into my PGA internship and after al the crap we ate yesterday, I feel hungover.  But I didn’t even drink anything.  Why do I feel so crappy.  Then there’s the fact that everyone in Hollywood has the day off but us — so there’s […]

I'm the one on the floor.  Megan is the one with the wrong time.

232/365 – The Day After

Uuhhhhhhhh.  Cough.  Ugh.  Sleep . . . . . . . . . . . . . What!?  Oh.  Hi.  Can’t talk.  Hung over.  Very tired.  Sick.  Queazy.  Too much fun.  Last night.  Sunday is today.  Need to pack.  Can’t speak full sentences.  Blew roof […]