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Isn't that right,

347/365 – Oh, Tell The Old Man In The Kitchen to SHUT UP!

Listen, I’m well aware of my age.  Just because you aren’t doesn’t mean I’m not.  It’s also no big secret that for the first time in my life I’m hiding my age from the public.  This isn’t some kind of midlife crisis or some ruse […]


205/365 – Megan’s Birthday Gift

I know her birthday is a few months away, but I found the perfect gift for Megan . . .  


61/365 – Inappropriate

Today, at work (Columbia for all 2 of you keeping track), my boss showed me and my co-worker, Rob, a really stunning piece of music video art.  Just facinating and sparkly . . . No.  Not really.  It’s just mile high inappropriate.  Not for us, […]

Baby, go get me some Ju-Ju-Bees and meet me in the the-a-ter.   Once I'm done whopping this kid, I'm gonna love you so hard, but not so hard I can't watch Steel Magnolias.

35/365 – How Rude!

Okay, I know many of you are waiting in anticipation for the next installment of Tammer the Hammer.  However, something happened tonight and I need to rant.  Since the topic of my rant is perfect for a blog about the first 365 days a marriage (seeing that the majority of my […]