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"I'm broke.  Get a paid internship."

340/365 – Pay It Forward

A lot of people are up in arms about the idea of internships.  The New York Times had article that basically compared internships to the modern day equivalent of indentured servitude.  At least indentured servants were promised something at the end of their tenure.  Interns have […]


318/365 – Last Day At The PGA

From one internship to another, I’m floating around LA like a man with a mission . . . a mission to create no new income.  I just have to keep telling myself that these unpaid internships will pay off in the future.  I have to […]


311/365 – And . . . Cue Dreams

5:23pm.  Returning to my desk at the PGA. I sit down and look at my laptop.  There’s an e-mail form a Mr. Clark – the writers assistant at Conan . . . This has to be the results of the monologue internship test. Now, usually, […]

A flag I can follow.

272/365 – CONON O’BRIEN

When I was a kid, I could not wait for summer vacation.  “Oh, Tim, thanks for the enlightening intro to your dumb blog.  I don;t have time for you’re  lame stories, I have to ride my fixie to get some mustache cream  I’ll read about […]

Soon, this will be my chair and I will rule the tine peasants of Hollywood.  Ha ha ha!

248/365 – The PGA and an Assassin

Today it starts . . . the long process of starting at the bottom.  I wouldn’t even call it the bottom . . . I’d say I’m somewhere between the Earth’s core and some some deep earth oil deposits.  I’m an intern.  A gloriously wonderful […]