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Imagine if the Aztecs had been off by a few symbols.  2012 the movie would have been just another disaster movie . . . oh, it was just another disaster movie.

336/365 – Kill Me Now!

Things just seem to pile up when it comes to this blog.  Go back in time and you’ll find that there are some obvious days where I was just inundated with posts.  On those days, I’m behind and one or two of the posts gets […]

Here, step into my elevator.  I put on some Muzak while you wait.

333/365 – That “Oh Shit” Moment

It’s been really exciting knowing that I’ve kept my wedding promise to write one of these posts everyday for a year.  It’s much more exciting as I get to the final month of the blog.  Everyday, I’ve been getting these things written — whether or […]


89/365 – Get Me A Delorean. I Need to Get Back in Time!

If you read the 12/22 post, you’ll know that I’m not here right now.  I’m in the future.  January 2, 2012 to be exact.  Because I screwed up and skipped a bunch of posts on accident.  Hey!  Don’t yell at me.  I’m not perfect and […]