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Alfred Newman mask

166/365 – Mad Busy

Tonight I am mad busy. I have to finish my treatment for my feature film pitch by tomorrow.  That and a coverage for a feature script.  And I have a networking event.  Weeeeee!  Fart. So, instead of rambling, I think I’ll give you all a […]


137/365 – The Princess Bride

Everyone – and I mean everyone – has a deep seated urge to yell at the movie screen. It’s a natural byproduct of mob mentality. Gather a crowd into a dark room, crank up the AC and put on a flickering light . . . […]

So dirty.

85/365 – A Kentucky-rific Christmas

It’s CHRISTMAS, y’all.  I am in the south . . . sort of.  Kentucky is a weird state where some say its the south and some don’t and people in Wiscinsin will say, “Yeah, you’re in the south,” and people in Georgia will say, “Hell […]