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160/365 – 6 Albums That Changed My Views on Music

I can’t exactly pinpoint when I really stopped searching for new music.  Probably when the Backstreet Boys broke up . . . that was a real hard time for me.  Can you give me a second . . . ok.  Whew!   I can say […]

A metaphor for the music industry.

149/365 – On The Rails

Sometimes, you just need one word, one call to put you back into a positive disposition.  Not that I was in a negative disposition.  Things have been looking up.  Especially in regards to my thesis film – editing is back on track.  Titles, color and […]

The made my "Yule Tide" into a cake.

62/365 – Christmas Music – Blech!

Merry Christmas!  Weeeee!  We all love Christmas.  Sometimes we love it so much we have to shorten it to X-Mas so that we don’t choke on our Yule Tide! This will be Megan and I’s first Christmas as a married couple.  I’m not sure it […]

Vaud and the Villains-El Rey

41/365 – Vaud and the Villains

http://www.vaudandthevillains.com/ Listen.  I don’t have a lot to say about today.  I went to a Pitching seminar led by a prominent Hollywood writer/producer.  I had dinner with Casey Caniglia, one of my brother Chris’ friends.  What ever. It was fun.  Megan’s mom came into town […]