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284/365 – Three’s Company Land

Today, at 6pm, I leave Los Angeles and head to sunny San Diego . . . well, I mean, sunnier San Diego?  Um, just as sunny but further south San Diego? Whatever.  I’m heading down to San Diego to attend the biggest nerd event of […]


182/365 – Nerd Cred

My whole life I’ve been building up my nerd cred.  It’s like street cred but with more desperate attempts at losing one’s virginity.  From wearing Spider-Man PJs to owning over 3500 comics, my nerd status is pretty well established.  But there’s been one aspect of […]

So hot . . . from a safe distance . . . but so hot.

17/365 – Gamer

GAMER What woman would want a man who’s muscle bound physique rips apart the head of father Zeus in a fit of vengeful rage?  Right?  What woman would want to ravage a man who can sneak undetected through the streets of Rome, silently assassinating the […]