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How quant.  And white.  And . . . boring.

255/365 – Easy on the Stairs

I would like to introduce a new phrase into the American lexicon.  I inadvertently tested it a few months back when I told a story to my co-workers at The Screenwriting Center.  They flew with it . . . Back in 2000, I was living […]


229/365 – Time with Friends

When I left New York, I spent my final week trying to fit in every last tourist attraction I had neglected to see.  The Met.  Various restaurants.  The Statue of Liberty.  We had a going away party and it was fun but I felt like […]

Mischievous drunk.

228/365 – Cubs Win?

Eleven years ago I was living in New York City.  I was involved in a long distance relationship that had no end in site and I was deciding if I was gonna leave New York for greener pastures in Chicago.  The girl I was dating […]