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180/365 – Back to Reality

This will be short.  After 5 weeks of hob-nobbing with entertainment professionals and pitching to producers, coming back to Chicago and trying to get North Face to take me back on the payroll is kind of a let down.  I also have an interview with […]

I will be John McClane this month!

96/365 – And Now the Hard Part Begins

Back in November I signed up for a pitching seminar at Columbia College.  What’s pitching, you ask.  Oh, pitching is the fine art of verbal story telling and being charming – at the same time.  Whenever a screenwriter or a producer wants to sell a […]


70/365 – XMAS PARTY!

My mom and step-dad, Larry, are in town.  That’s right.  Megan’s new Mother-in-Law and Step-Father-In-Law are in town to celebrate the Holidays.  We’re having our first (and possibly last) Christmas Party in Chicago as a Married Couple!  I put those all in caps because it […]


32/365 – North Face

Megan’s the breadwinner in this relationship.  It’s not a slam on me, it’s the truth.  She’s got a great job with benefits while this guy is a student trying to find any job he can that will pay the bills. BUT, today, I finally, after […]