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258/365 – Final Prep

Pat and I ran around Omaha all day today, doing our best to get Dad’s surprise party off the ground.  Grocery shopping, buying kiddie party favors, a model battleship with paints . . . you know, planing a 70 year old’s birthday party.  Then we […]

Progressive considers this a preexisting condition.

257/365 – Car Troubles and Pedestrian Traffic Patterns

People and cars are idiots.  the whole lot of em.  If you’re one of these two things, you’re probably an idiot . . . unless you’re not an idiot.  (Yogi Berra!)  Or if you’re a People Car — then you have a really weird life/car […]

Just like this guy was useful.  And he's real!

238/365 – The Trip-Part 4: Across Nebraska

Time to take that hulking Penske truck on it’s next leg — DENVER!  Woke up and said goodbye to Mom and Larry and headed further down I-80.  We pop in some more World War Z and let the wind take us where it wants . […]

My two favorite ladies: Grams Buchan and Megan.

236/365 – The Trip-Day 2: Omaha Part 1

Nothing like a good night’s sleep.  A real night’s sleep.  With Chicago about 300 miles behind us, Megan and I look forward to a relaxing two days in Omaha. First thing’s first; Legends Comics and Coffee.  My old pal David Demarco opened this shop this […]

Us and the home we had made in Chicago.

235/365 – The Trip-Day 1: Goodbye Chicago

Anxiety, god damn it.  Having a truck filled with your life’s belongings is a time bomb for anxiety.  Having it parked on a public street turns that time bomb into a WMD.  What I’m saying is I didn’t sleep much last night.  I just kept […]