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Plus now I have time to make this sweet box fort!

233/365 – Final Prep

I’ve never been a procrastinator when it comes to big projects.  I need to start early and work in spurts.  Cramming is just not me.  Lot’s of people say they work best when working under pressure — especially time constraints.  I think that is bullshit. […]


225/365 – A Derby Little Secret

Megan and I are making headway.  I’d say we’re pretty damn close to having most of our stuff ready to go to LA.  Some administrative odds and ends are left: cleaning utilities, bringing left overs to donation centers, getting moving help . . . But […]

Oh, yeah, keep that.  I can use it later to kill myself so I can pass along my mess to my kids.

223/365 – Ironic Hoarding

Guys!  It’s totally like rain . . . on your WEDDING DAY!  It’s like a free f’ing ride . . . WHEN YOU’VE ALREADY PAID!  OMG!  It’s like free advice, that you just didn’t take!  Like, who woulda thought?  It totally figures, right? Irony.  Right […]

A two bedroom.  Excellent!

221/365 – Tape and Cardboard

I’ve been packing all day, going through the ghosts of my days here in Chicago.  The unsettled dust floating around me like ghostly memories.  It’s bitter sweet.  Finding those old keep sakes you forgot about.  Making the hard decisions about what to strike down and […]