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I will preface this with the fact that I was not drunk on Nyquil.

350/365 – Aftermath

Something is not right . . . Something is very not right.  Last night . . . What did I do?  I had some Tiki drinks at Tiki Ti.  Check.  I had some drinks at Ye Rustic Inn.  Check.  I was allowed to scarf down […]

I mean, really, how did he know?

349/365 – A Little Midwest Wisdom

Well, yesterday was my birthday but today is my partaaaay day.  What!  What!  Yeaaaaaa BOOOOYYYYE!  I’m getting all 1990 in this shit! Okay.  That’s over.  For now.  I can’t promise what will happen later tonight when I’ve had a few.  See, tonight I’m meeting some […]

Your welcome, Timmy!

162/365 – New Friend Drinking

I don’t have a lot to say today . . . I can barely type.  Unless you’re just randomly clicking on links in this blog and the titles mean nothing to you, you might have guessed — I’m hungover.  I seem to be drinking a […]


70/365 – XMAS PARTY!

My mom and step-dad, Larry, are in town.  That’s right.  Megan’s new Mother-in-Law and Step-Father-In-Law are in town to celebrate the Holidays.  We’re having our first (and possibly last) Christmas Party in Chicago as a Married Couple!  I put those all in caps because it […]


69/365 – The Worst/Best Acid Trip Ever

I was all ready to start the next stage of the Huru Humi test but with my parents in town and the entirely insane work schedule I have, this is not a weekend for blog posts.  Add on the Christmas Party that Megan and I […]


15/365 – Pumpkins in my Legs

Oh God all mighty!  Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  Allah!  Zeus!  Guy downtown who yells prophecies in front of Old Navy! Tonight is the premiere of AMCs The Walking Dead and I’m all set fort – literally.  I’m walking like the living dead, limping around and […]