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Tag Archives: Rude

Tag Archives: Rude

Yeah, stay off your phone or Justin Bieber will get you . . . with his hair . . . his dangerous pop hair.

353/365 – But Justin Bieber Said Not To.

Look, in a civilized society, there’s a need for order.  We need cops.  We need law and order.  It’s essential for any city, town or village to function appropriately.  Still, why do so many cops have to be raging assholes?  Why do they have to […]

I know - cute, cure and more cute.  I'll give way to this guy anytime.

88/365 – How Rude!

I am of the increasing opinion that manners are becoming a thing of the past.  Especially in the cities.  After being in Paducah, Kentucky for Christmas, it’s easy to see the contrasting values.  Chicago is full of citizens who just don’t care; their way is […]

Yeah?  Next time you wave your hand to me in any other way than a greeting, I'll be doing some hand waving myself.  IN YOUR FACE.

76/365 – Patrick Tamisiea Writes . . .

STILL NOT UGLY   Read on for explanation or click link Busy day today.  Worked at The North Face and am just exhausted.  Had a co-worker get snippy with me twice.  The first time, I was helping a customer who needed to exchange an item – […]

We need to start handing these out at the door.

55/365 – 5 Reasons Why Black Friday Is A Sign That Humanity is DOOMED.

Black Friday has become a part of the American vernacular.  It’s permeated into the very fabric of our social calendar.  Now, it’s level footing with Christmas, mom’s birthday and the anniversary of when you lost your virginity.  For retailers, the Christmas season starts on December […]

Her hand is saying, "Hi!" but her eyes are saying, "Hi." . . . She's also holding a knife.

45/365 – Just Say Hello

There’s a lot of bad behavior in this city that chaps my ass.  In fact, I’ll give you the top 5 in a post next week.  However, tonight, some pretty poor Chicago behavior just landed smack dab in my face.  Again.  At Columbia, an aquaintence […]

Baby, go get me some Ju-Ju-Bees and meet me in the the-a-ter.   Once I'm done whopping this kid, I'm gonna love you so hard, but not so hard I can't watch Steel Magnolias.

35/365 – How Rude!

Okay, I know many of you are waiting in anticipation for the next installment of Tammer the Hammer.  However, something happened tonight and I need to rant.  Since the topic of my rant is perfect for a blog about the first 365 days a marriage (seeing that the majority of my […]