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Tag Archives: skyrim

Tag Archives: skyrim

Adventure Time

483/365 – I’M BACK, BITCHES! — PART 1

Helloooooooo!  Did you miss me?  I missed you… all 6 of my readers; you dedicated few who stuck around, waiting patiently everyday for a new post.  Yes, you 6.  So proud of you.  And as soon as your parole hearings are scheduled, I will be […]


275/365 – Like The Sands In An Hour Glass . . .

Remember Yesterday . . . how I bought 3 games for real cheap at Gamestop?  Yeah, that yesterday.  Well, today is the proof I needed of how awful of an idea that was.  See, video games cause one thing to happen . . .time to […]

We'll write the game off as part of our apartment search.

274/365 – Nerd Reward (For Being A Baby)

Oh, God.  Am I one of those people who needs to shop to feel better about my life?  I hope to god I’m not.  But all evidence points to — Waaa Waaa, I’m a baby.  I’m tiered or looking at apartments.  I want a treat! […]

Oh, there's my pocket full of sunshine.  I was saving THAT for those f'ing wolves that plague Skyrim!

122/365 – A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

You know, I have a bunch of ideas for posts.  Little rays of sunshine (or moonlight for those negative posts) I’ve got stuffed in my writing pocket ready to radiate upon my readers’ pale bodies.  Some have been rattling in my head since I started […]

I find it weird that she wears sunglasses when she works.  Is she looking at me or her work?  FOCUS ON ME!

87/365 – A Day With Megan

One of the perks that I get with Megan working for Groupon is that sometimes she gets to work from home.  When this happens, while she has to focus on work, I still get the benefit of having her around during the day.  We can […]

No, wait!  I was just kidding.  You're really pretty . . . come back . . .

67/365 – 4 Ways Skyrim Confirms My Real Life Behavior

I read in a very reputable periodical (still searching for that very reputable periodical) that when a player is presented with a decision in a video game, they will rarely stray from their own moral and decision-making compasses. In essence, who you are in the real […]


58/365 – Timmy’s Ti-Ti

A large portion of my recent posts have included phrases like, “I’m tired”, “Didn’t sleep last night”, “So tired” and “Killed a hooker” . . . . wait.  Rewind.  Delete that last phrase.  What I’m saying is that I’m just not getting enough sleep.  It’s […]


48/365 – Pixel

It’s been one of those days.  Worked a long shift at North Face.  Haven’t had quality time with Megan in weeks.  When I get home, she’s asleep and I turn to my other mistress; Skyrim.  Which, whenever I am playing the game, Patrick sends me […]


40/365 – A Hard Day’s Night

As my grad school career starts leaning towards a finishing point, I’m forced to busy myself with extra employment in order to have some equal footing in the bill/rent department of the household.  As a result, I am finding it increasingly difficult to spend any […]