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See, Megan, he;ll give you crabs . . . oh, that's a lobster?  You win this round Mr. Brown.

226/365 – What Greek Drama is This?

Megan has some cute habits when she’s tired or sleeping.  She’ll revert into this childlike state, swatting the cares of the world away as she races towrds slumber and sweet dreams of Alton Brown . . . that hussy.  Alton Brown.  Not Megan.  He’s probably […]

US Air Force Academy, CO

173/365 – Pitching

Sleep . . . who needs it.  I mean, really.  Why would anyone want to be rested on an important day?  Not me.  I’ll gladly wake up at 4:30 am on the day of my Hollywood pitch meetings.  Sleep.  Bull cocky.  Can’t wait to zone […]


59/365 – For Crying Out Loud

Want to hear something familiar? I’m on 2 hours of sleep. I don’t know what happened.  I took my own advice, skipped the video games and went to bed at 11:30 – that’s great for me.  And I could not get to sleep.  Now I’m […]


58/365 – Timmy’s Ti-Ti

A large portion of my recent posts have included phrases like, “I’m tired”, “Didn’t sleep last night”, “So tired” and “Killed a hooker” . . . . wait.  Rewind.  Delete that last phrase.  What I’m saying is that I’m just not getting enough sleep.  It’s […]