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Of course, there are some artists who've had to acquire money in a lot worse ways.

359/365 – You’re Hired!

As a point of reference for this blog post, let me give you a list of jobs* I’ve held over the years. (*Jobs as in I actually got paid) TIMMY JOBS: THE SHORT LIST Paperboy Lifeguard Greeter at The Warner Brothers Studio Store College Box […]


311/365 – And . . . Cue Dreams

5:23pm.  Returning to my desk at the PGA. I sit down and look at my laptop.  There’s an e-mail form a Mr. Clark – the writers assistant at Conan . . . This has to be the results of the monologue internship test. Now, usually, […]


300/365 – Monologue Test

I think I’m one of those people who fears success.  Or, at least, I think that my behavior is what that term refers to.  The idea that when you have  a success, you can either relish in it, or you see the responsibility and work […]