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365/365 – Good Night

Part of my job at Conan is to stand in the isle of the studio audience during the commercial breaks.  Not too sure of the purpose other than keeping an eye out for people taking pictures or recording the show.  The few times I’ve done […]


259/365 – Dean’s 70!

If you all know my dad, Dean Tamisiea — and I know ALL of you do — I mean, it’s Dean Tamisiea . . . of the Tamisieas?  Come on, readers, do your research . . . I’ll wait . . . Got it?  No. […]


44/365 – Introducing Mrs. Megan Leigh Tamisiea

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the custom of a woman’s obligation to change her last name upon nuptials was pretty ridiculous.  If a lady wants to keep her last name, more power to her.  I mean, some of us have trouble parting […]