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The real Bella Itkin.  This was probably how she looked at me when I was trying to organize her library.  "Silly American boy."

342/365 – Inventing Funny

For some reason, improv shows attract people who think their ticket is also a performer’s pass.  To them, improv means that they get to be a part of the show too!  Maybe, just MAYEB if they yell out whatever they want, they can be part […]


266/365 – Gary Oldman; Preacher of Truth.

If you’re a frequent reader of the Meagan and Timmy blog (also known as Timmy and Timmy blog) then  you know about my acting roots.  Also, if you’re a frequent reader of the Megan and Timmy blog then you’re probably my mom, mother-in-law or my […]

"Thank you, Mr. Nugget, for coming in today.  We'll be in touch."

250/365 – Getting The Part

My transition to Los Angeles has been fairly easy.  I’ve visited here enough to understand the lay of the land.  I’m not so susceptible to culture shock.  I know about gridlock traffic, so it doesn’t surprise or really bother me.  I have a general understanding […]


195/365 – I’m Just A Girl

Got the new video up for The Aperture Series.


189/365 – My Friend, PR.

The minute I knew I was moving from NYC to Chicago, I tried to cram everything into two months.  I went to all the museums I missed.  I visited all the friends I had made.  I ate at all those places I said I’d always […]

Success Bar

132/365 – The Theatre Success Curve

Just got back from performing improv for hundreds of kids at Eureka College in central Illinois.  Tons of fun.  Hadn’t had a performance since September.  Performing, especially comedy, is a rush like no other.  It exhilarating – chemically, emotionally and physically.  Sometimes, after a great […]