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360/365 – Picture Lock . . . For Real This Time!

Tonight, I drove out to Playa Del Ray (right next to the LA Airport) to try and lock down my thesis film (Super) Dan. We still had to get the first scene fixed with appropriate speed ramps. If that sounds weird, think about what I […]


271/365 – Picture Lock

Last night, after months and months of remote work and remote sweat and remote tears, my editor, Lauren Walsh, and I finally achieved picture lock! on my thesis film.  What’s picture lock, you ask?  Well, picture lock is a wrestling move where you choke a […]


147/365 – Editing

It’s kind of a crazy day, today.  I’m editing my thesis film (Super) Dan after months of, well, like the rest of my life, arrested development.  Being in the same city as your editor is awesome!  I can not tell you how easy this will […]