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356/365 – End of Level One

Today was catch up day.  So much catch up because of my sickness.  Matter of fact, I had so much catch up to do that I can’t even remember what the hell this title of this post means.  “End Of Level One”?  I wrote this […]

We'll write the game off as part of our apartment search.

274/365 – Nerd Reward (For Being A Baby)

Oh, God.  Am I one of those people who needs to shop to feel better about my life?  I hope to god I’m not.  But all evidence points to — Waaa Waaa, I’m a baby.  I’m tiered or looking at apartments.  I want a treat! […]

Oh, hey, Megan!  I found Sunday.  It was right here.

246/365 – Lost Sunday

Our time in LA and the preceeding drive here has left Megan and I in a daze.  Days are stringing together like one long roll of Fruit by the Foot, minus the high fructose corn syrup.  I take mental notes of the days so that […]


156/365 – Video Game as History Lesson

Listen – all you posers out there bashing video games as crap for the brain, the ultimate stupid makers and artless participatory violence can suck it.  Especially you, Rodger Ebert!  Especially when there’s so much drawing and conceptualizing, writing and scripting that goes into a […]


58/365 – Timmy’s Ti-Ti

A large portion of my recent posts have included phrases like, “I’m tired”, “Didn’t sleep last night”, “So tired” and “Killed a hooker” . . . . wait.  Rewind.  Delete that last phrase.  What I’m saying is that I’m just not getting enough sleep.  It’s […]


48/365 – Pixel

It’s been one of those days.  Worked a long shift at North Face.  Haven’t had quality time with Megan in weeks.  When I get home, she’s asleep and I turn to my other mistress; Skyrim.  Which, whenever I am playing the game, Patrick sends me […]


18/365 – Top 3 Reasons Why Gaming Could Ruin Your Relationship

Top 3 Reasons Why Gaming Could Ruin Your Relationship I got home form work today at 10:45.  Heeding no warning from the terrible sinus headache – the same pain that is brought on by the change of weather in Chicago – I turned in the […]

So hot . . . from a safe distance . . . but so hot.

17/365 – Gamer

GAMER What woman would want a man who’s muscle bound physique rips apart the head of father Zeus in a fit of vengeful rage?  Right?  What woman would want to ravage a man who can sneak undetected through the streets of Rome, silently assassinating the […]