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256/365 – Playing With Fire

I’m at one of my internships today.  I know it will eventually become busy.  I’ve been told it will become busy.  I hope it will become busy.  Right noiw, though, it’s not busy.  So I just catch up on my personal business or work for […]


121/365 – 14 Hours and Counting

It’s late Monday night.  I’m functioning on a Rockstar Energy Drink, Mio Energy Water Flavoring and 2 cups of coffee.  I can feel my body screaming for me to stop — it hate me so much.  When my body hates me, t has a self […]

I find it weird that she wears sunglasses when she works.  Is she looking at me or her work?  FOCUS ON ME!

87/365 – A Day With Megan

One of the perks that I get with Megan working for Groupon is that sometimes she gets to work from home.  When this happens, while she has to focus on work, I still get the benefit of having her around during the day.  We can […]


40/365 – A Hard Day’s Night

As my grad school career starts leaning towards a finishing point, I’m forced to busy myself with extra employment in order to have some equal footing in the bill/rent department of the household.  As a result, I am finding it increasingly difficult to spend any […]


12/365 – Back to the Grind

BACK TO THE GRIND Woke up and realized the honeymoon is over.  Oh, Megan and I are fine – great, in fact! What I mean is, literally, the Honeymoon is over.  The wedding is over.  The engagement is over.  The planning is over.  Everything is […]