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Of course, there are some artists who've had to acquire money in a lot worse ways.

359/365 – You’re Hired!

As a point of reference for this blog post, let me give you a list of jobs* I’ve held over the years. (*Jobs as in I actually got paid) TIMMY JOBS: THE SHORT LIST Paperboy Lifeguard Greeter at The Warner Brothers Studio Store College Box […]


256/365 – Playing With Fire

I’m at one of my internships today.  I know it will eventually become busy.  I’ve been told it will become busy.  I hope it will become busy.  Right noiw, though, it’s not busy.  So I just catch up on my personal business or work for […]

As crazy as these two look, it got worse when they started humping those bunnies a second after the picture was taken.

202/365 – Marriage; It Is What It Is.

Welcome to day 200!  When I started this blog, it was a device to adapt to the old adage, “Writers write.”  I would add “everyday” to the end of that.  Before October 1st (when this blog officially started) my writing was sporadic, uneven — hell, […]


153/365 – Starship Encourage

Encouragement can go a long way . . . It’s like a small thruster on a space craft: a little burst can turn you in the right direction or propel you further than you thought you’d ever go. Today, we had two really nice thrusters […]

At least my ghost samurai didn't look like a beefed up version of Orco from Masters of the Universe.

110/365 – Dinner from a Babe

Listen, I don’t have much to say today.  Most of my creative juices have to re-routed to getting my feature screenplay done (page 14 – what!  what!).  I’m desperately trying to allot an hour a day for writing the script.  An hout that keeps getting […]


26/365 – Long Day’s Journey Into Night

I decided to take a on two shifts at the screenwriting center today.  So I’ve got 14 hours to think about what I want to write today.  I was planning on giving a response to the day every half hour.  There’s something about having too […]