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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: October 2011

That'll do.

30/365 – Bloody Hell

It’s HALLOWEEN, bitches! And there’s nothing scarier than real trauma, real blood and real self surgery.  That right, kids.  What did I do?  Well, I considered ritual murder or satanic worship but instead I slammed my finger in the front door.  Man that smarts!  Stop […]

I'm the best at what I do . . . fart.

29/365 – 12 Costumes that have made me Proud/Jealous.

We here at the Tamisiea household take Halloween very seriously.  If you’re going to go out in public with a costume, you better have the commitment, creativity and have done your research before you blaze that trail to pumpkin beer intoxication.  You can’t just slap […]


28/365 – Meet the Marsh-Boo-lows

Megan and I are headed to a Halloween Party tonight.  Yeah!   I love Halloween.  More than Christmas.  Tonight is a night of firsts.  It’s our first Halloween as a married couple.  My first time doing a couple costume (the Maitlins – wait till Monday’s […]


27/365 – Critical Mass of Crap

Megan and I decided to celebrate the Halloween season by going to Daley Plaza and participating in Daleyween, or Daley’s Brew or Daley’s Fiscal Budget Crisis – I don’t remember what it was called.  It was lame.  There wasn’t really anything going on.  A few […]


26/365 – Long Day’s Journey Into Night

I decided to take a on two shifts at the screenwriting center today.  So I’ve got 14 hours to think about what I want to write today.  I was planning on giving a response to the day every half hour.  There’s something about having too […]


25/365 – 5 Awesome Things My Older Brother Jimmy Taught Me

Today , October 26th, is my brother Jimmy’s birthday.  He would have been 40.  He passed away in 2008 and if there’s anything I regret in life is never having had Megan meet him. Granted, there were no opportunities to introduce the two, but she […]


24/365 – Treevenge!

TREEVENGE! Today’s been one of those days.  Not the one where you wake up and your son is outside playing and when you get the paper you realize that everyone else is looking at the LA skyline and then you do and there’s a huge […]

How I imagine Mathew McCounoughhey waits for a call back.

23/365 – If The Actor’s Life were Everyone’s Life

If The Actor’s Life were Everyone’s Life If there’s one thing an actor may know better than most is the sting of rejection and disappointment.  While other people work hard for months or years to find a job and receive a dozen rejections, the light […]

Seriously, guys.  This is ridiculous.  Its only a straight line.  How hard can it be?

22/365 – Farewell/Hello

Farewell / Hello I took ANOTHER shift at the Skybox so that I can afford my glamorous life.  Weeeeee.  But tonight, when I got off work, I went to the Second City Main Stage to see my friend Tim Mason off.  He’s been performing at […]

Right now, the only difference between me and Wooderson is that sweet mustache.

21/365 – Thank Yous

Thank Yous Marriage was supposed to be a step towards a more stable adulthood, right?  I mean, I didn’t think it would solve all my problems like some teenage girls think a baby will make their abusive football player boyfriend love them.  I just thought […]

Excuse me, but would you ladies like a massage?

20/365 – Masseuse Attraction

Masseuse Attraction In the last three weeks I’ve gone from Persistent Wedding Ring Wearer to Occasional Wedding Ring Wearer.  It’s not a job title I really want.  Ring Aficionado.  Great Husband.  Froddo.  I’ll take these.  But “Bad Husband.”  Not quite ready for that.  I was […]

Oh, look.  The dog and the baby are looking at nothing . . . it's just like watching this movie.

19/365 – Para-Normal-As-Usual Activity

Para-Normal-As-Usual Activity Unfortunately, this is one of those days I don;t have much to say. I’m at work watching Paranormal Activity 2 on Netflix with my co-worker Chris.  It’s . . . . fine?  We’re going to watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000: Devil Doll, which […]


18/365 – Top 3 Reasons Why Gaming Could Ruin Your Relationship

Top 3 Reasons Why Gaming Could Ruin Your Relationship I got home form work today at 10:45.  Heeding no warning from the terrible sinus headache – the same pain that is brought on by the change of weather in Chicago – I turned in the […]

So hot . . . from a safe distance . . . but so hot.

17/365 – Gamer

GAMER What woman would want a man who’s muscle bound physique rips apart the head of father Zeus in a fit of vengeful rage?  Right?  What woman would want to ravage a man who can sneak undetected through the streets of Rome, silently assassinating the […]

Who Bat-farted?

16/365 – Na na na na na na na na CATCH UP!

CATCH UP Okay.  I’ve come to a conclusion about blogging.  Not everyday will be filled with prolific insights and enlightening satire.  No.  Some days I will have nothing to write about.  Today is somewhat like that.  I have lots to write, but, again, I’m playing […]


15/365 – Pumpkins in my Legs

Oh God all mighty!  Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  Allah!  Zeus!  Guy downtown who yells prophecies in front of Old Navy! Tonight is the premiere of AMCs The Walking Dead and I’m all set fort – literally.  I’m walking like the living dead, limping around and […]

The 2011 Pumpkins in the Park Map

14/365 – Pumpkins in the Park

Pumpkins in the Park What is Pumpkins in the Park, you ask.  Why, good sir and/or madame, it’s Chicago’s Halloween themed 5k run in Lincoln Park.  The last and only time Megan and I participated in a 5k was the Shamrock Shuffle in 2009.  There […]

So much blogging.  Don't know where to start.

13/365 – Mr. Clean

MR. CLEAN All I’ve done today is clean and organize.  I’m sure this goes for a lot of people, but the surest way to give the allusion of life control is to clean your apartment.  And that’s what I’m doing.  Hurricane Tamisiea/Green Wedding is over, […]


12/365 – Back to the Grind

BACK TO THE GRIND Woke up and realized the honeymoon is over.  Oh, Megan and I are fine – great, in fact! What I mean is, literally, the Honeymoon is over.  The wedding is over.  The engagement is over.  The planning is over.  Everything is […]

This is a face to fight a hundred battles for.

11/365 – Auxiliary Power Outage

AUXILIARY POWER OUTAGE What an amazing trip.  And, to boot, what an amazing exit.  Leaving The Palace was tough but the staff all rallied as we checked out.  We got pictures of the grounds and the various members of the staff who made us so […]