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8/365 – Filepe and Carlos
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8/365 – Filepe and Carlos

Filepe y Carlos




Filepe and Carlos (our in resort butlers, servers, drivers, etc . . . ) decided to drive us to the famous (Dominican famous) Monkey Jungle.  I’m not sure if we’re going because they have squirrel monkeys we can play with and a series of death defying zip lines OR if we love the way Felipe says “monkey jungle.”  (MOAN-KEY JOOGLE).

In any case Megan and I learned a valuable lesson on our 1 hour drive to Monkey Jungle; Dominican men have a hard time being monogamous AND they have no problem telling strangers.  Not only did Felix (see yesterday’s post) explain how he had cheated on his wife of 25 years, but Felipe told us he was on his second wife who is 19 years old.

It's okay, baby. I'm Dominican.

Carlos, on the other hand, had a look of horror whenever Felipe made off color jokes or talked about women.  His look pretty much said, “There is a line we workers at The Palace should not cross with the guests.”  I, on the other had, got a kick out of these frank conversations.

In anycase, I was so proud of Megan today.  Megan is not the outdoorsy, adventuresome type.  I bought her a bike 4 years ago that she’s probably ridden it 20 blocks.  I understand that the streets of Chicago are not a great place to re-learn to bicycle, so my bad there.  But asking her to partake in a series of ziplines, some of which were at least 100 feet off the ground, is also my bad . . . or not.  She was a champ.  In fact, she was more than a champ – she was better than me at it.  While I couldn’t keep my body straight, she was quick, looked straight ahead and flew like the wind.  It was quite a joy to see her conquer her fear and, as I was quoted saying on a motor scooter in Greece, shit the wind.

And her reward – 30 minutes with a group off squirrel monkeys.  These guys were so cute it hurt.  Honestly, I can’t tell you how cute they were.  I’ll show you.  Have a great day . . .






Oh, God, please kill me!

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