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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: December 2011

For all I know, I probably asked Megan to marry me in the picture.  I was drunk.  Sue me.

91/365 – Are We Dating?

Today, one of my co-workers asked me what my plans were for New Year’s Eve.  While I used to get blasted and throw up different colored alcohol liquids hoping to read my future in the corn, I now take it easy.  Tonight, I told him, […]


90/365 – It’s Friday, and I’m an Idiot.

Okay, so this is it.  I’m so lost on what happened with this blog.  I lost 12/22, 12/29 and today, 12/30.  I can’t really go back and write what happened or what was on my mind.  I have no notes fopr those days and I’ve […]


89/365 – Get Me A Delorean. I Need to Get Back in Time!

If you read the 12/22 post, you’ll know that I’m not here right now.  I’m in the future.  January 2, 2012 to be exact.  Because I screwed up and skipped a bunch of posts on accident.  Hey!  Don’t yell at me.  I’m not perfect and […]

I know - cute, cure and more cute.  I'll give way to this guy anytime.

88/365 – How Rude!

I am of the increasing opinion that manners are becoming a thing of the past.  Especially in the cities.  After being in Paducah, Kentucky for Christmas, it’s easy to see the contrasting values.  Chicago is full of citizens who just don’t care; their way is […]

I find it weird that she wears sunglasses when she works.  Is she looking at me or her work?  FOCUS ON ME!

87/365 – A Day With Megan

One of the perks that I get with Megan working for Groupon is that sometimes she gets to work from home.  When this happens, while she has to focus on work, I still get the benefit of having her around during the day.  We can […]



About a week or so ago, I wrote a post entitled “10 Items From my ‘What The Hell’ Christmas List.”    In it I detailed 10 gifts I’d love but know I’d never get.  Well, guess what?  Patrick Tamisiea came through!  You see, for the […]

So dirty.

85/365 – A Kentucky-rific Christmas

It’s CHRISTMAS, y’all.  I am in the south . . . sort of.  Kentucky is a weird state where some say its the south and some don’t and people in Wiscinsin will say, “Yeah, you’re in the south,” and people in Georgia will say, “Hell […]


84/365 – Christmas Eve

All right.  Over the past month I’ve made it clear that there are a lot of idiosyncrasies about the Christmas season that just bug the crap out of mine.  However, one universal trait of Christmas that I love is getting to spend time with my […]

Until I can get the actual comic book downloaded, this'll have to do.

83/365 – TIMMY!

People at work are never sure whether or not they should call me Timmy.  They always ask if that’s what I want.  Yes, it is.  I used to date girls whose dads would pull them aside and ask them, “Do I have to call him […]

Photo on 1-2-12 at 6.47 PM

82/365 – Holy S**T

Aww, screw it.  HOLY SHIT.  This blog just got crunk.  Crazy crunk and crazy stupid.  Like a country girl drunk on Everclear and visiting the city on a bender at 2am — so lost and bewildered.  Holiday’s are like a hit on the head giving […]


81/365 – All About Pat

All 6 of my readers (it went up!) are familar with my brother Patrick.  You’re not?  He’s mentioned a whole lot . . . did I forget to mention him?  Crap.  Well . . . he’s my brother aaaaaaannnnnnnnd . . . he’s a Tamisiea. […]

This kid just discovered internet porn.  SURPRISE!

80/365 – PRESENTS!

Tonight, Megan and I officially celebrated our Christmas.  Well, we opened our gifts.  “Celebrating” implies that we partied and praised Jesus, etc . . . Nah.  We just sat on the couch, opened gifts and then watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica.  Watching Battlestar Galactica […]

Look at him. He's saluting Jesus.  How cool is that?  Santa's awesome.

79/365 – Best Buy: The Santa Bully

Santa Claus is great.  Come on, really.  Out of all the imaginary holiday folk heroes, Santa is the best.  The Easter Bunny just breaks into your home, poops out a bunch of eggs, and hopes you find them.  Three weeks later, that odor you can’t […]


78/365 – Lost Wallet

Yeah, the title says it all.  The only way to bring a man down form the high of a 5k run and Zoo Lights is to have him lose his wallet.  Didn’t even realize it till I was on my way to work.  I have […]


77/365 – Running Towards the (Zoo) Lights

This morning I had the pleasure of running my 2nd official 5K.  If you remember the first one (Pumpkins in the Park) I was a mess afterwards.  My legs were wobbly and I couldn’t walk right for days.  While I may have been unprepared in […]

Yeah?  Next time you wave your hand to me in any other way than a greeting, I'll be doing some hand waving myself.  IN YOUR FACE.

76/365 – Patrick Tamisiea Writes . . .

STILL NOT UGLY   Read on for explanation or click link Busy day today.  Worked at The North Face and am just exhausted.  Had a co-worker get snippy with me twice.  The first time, I was helping a customer who needed to exchange an item – […]


75/365 – Bad Beggin’

I was having a great day today.  I got up early and went for a run 4.65 miles!  I had a decent breakfast.  I caught up on some Hulu.  I was feeling pretty good.  I got on the train and felt ready to tackle work. […]


74/365 – 4 Companies That Didn’t Get The Green Memo

Kermit the Frog was right, it really isn’t easy being green.  Sometimes it’s downright annoying.  Having to hold onto trash so you can find the right receptacle, separating the plastic from the paper from the aluminum, turning off lights, showering once a month . . […]

Minus the dead parents and I'm all good.

73/365 – 10 Items From My “What The Hell” Christmas List.

We’re officially 13 days away from Christmas.  That’s 13 whole days for you to buy everything you need to convince your loved ones that the are, indeed, loved ones.  May that be a toy or a diamond or a contract killing – you’ll find a […]


72/365 – Writer’s Block on my Friggin’ Head

I need some encouragement and, at the same time, some discipline.  I have been upfront with the fact that many of my posts have to be written days after the actual date of the post.  I write notes and use them to construct the posts. […]