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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: January 2012

Oh, there's my pocket full of sunshine.  I was saving THAT for those f'ing wolves that plague Skyrim!

122/365 – A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

You know, I have a bunch of ideas for posts.  Little rays of sunshine (or moonlight for those negative posts) I’ve got stuffed in my writing pocket ready to radiate upon my readers’ pale bodies.  Some have been rattling in my head since I started […]


121/365 – 14 Hours and Counting

It’s late Monday night.  I’m functioning on a Rockstar Energy Drink, Mio Energy Water Flavoring and 2 cups of coffee.  I can feel my body screaming for me to stop — it hate me so much.  When my body hates me, t has a self […]


120/365 – Soup and Drew Petersen (or Nuts)

I think Megan and I have become more and more domesticated.  I mean, we are getting older and, quite possibly wiser?  Okay, maybe not, but if you were to look at our lives 5 years ago and our lives now, there’s a definite change in our desires and wants.  Last night, […]


119/365 – Cookin’ Mama

Megan and I did nothing today.  We watched Battlestar Galactica and I played a lot of Skyrim and then we  . . . . oh, crap, that’s right.  We went grocery shopping.   That’s like a lunar eclipse in our world.  We bought like 200 […]

I just want to box everything up.  EVERYTHING!

118/365 – Apature Film Series

I have some crazy, somewhat scary (for me) but seemingly boring (for you) news for you all.  A few days ago a made a huge leap forward in getting my life in order: I applied for graduation.  This may seem pretty small, or at least […]

The 38 Steps was so much better.

117/365 – 5 Things My Wife Doesn’t Know About Me

We’d all like to live with our significant other and know that everyday will bring a new, fresh surprise.  Maybe we’d discover some new quirk like, “You love Tang?  Crazy,” or, “I didn’t know you listened to Oingo Boingo,” or, “You murdered a family of […]

October 1, 2011.  The day we decided to make our relationship permanent . . . by super glueing my cheek to hers.

116/365 – ImprovE and Love

A few months ago, Megan and I’s wedding photographer, Janine McClintock, submitted our photos to an Omaha wedding magazine for a feature article.  We were interviewed last month and today the article has been posted on the web.  Weeeeee!  It’s a nice little article that […]

Film Title: Bridesmaids

115/365 – No One Likes Comedy

I’ve been nudged in the direction of drama more than once in my life.  People seem to see something in me that screams drama.  I’m not speaking of actual life drama.  How much would that suck if people kept pushing my life into dramatic situations. […]


114/365 – Brittany Is Great

I asked my Columbia co-worker, Brittney, what I should write about.  She said, “Brittney is great.”  So, without further or due, I present, Brittany is Great – A play is 12 Acts. ACT 1:  Brits is Born Brittany Rodgers is born in Chicago IL on […]


113/365 – Alexander No Payne No Gain

The Descendants.  A movie described by one of my cinematographers as a film that, “gave me faith in film making again.”  Megan and I went on a date last night and saw this film by Alexander Payne . . . an alum of Creighton Prep high school […]


112/365 – Rick Rolled

Seriously.  It’s Saturday.  I don’t have work.  I don’t have ANYPLACE I have to be.  It’s been weeks since I had a Saturday.  and all I want to do is watch TV, play video games and hang with my wife.  We might even see a […]


111/365 – FEAR

Fear is and extremely palatable of emotions if not the most.  It has a way, unlike any other emotion, to take hold of you mentally, physically, spiritually . . .  Not to say other emotions can’t grip you firmly like a handmade glove, but there’s […]

At least my ghost samurai didn't look like a beefed up version of Orco from Masters of the Universe.

110/365 – Dinner from a Babe

Listen, I don’t have much to say today.  Most of my creative juices have to re-routed to getting my feature screenplay done (page 14 – what!  what!).  I’m desperately trying to allot an hour a day for writing the script.  An hout that keeps getting […]


109/365 – If An Apple Store Employee Claps In A Conference Room . . .

I love Apple computers.  I really really do.  I’m almost a fanatic.  Heck, my beautiful wife not only lets me buy comovcs and stupid art toys and veieo games, but for Christmas, she got me a subscripton to Macworld magazine.  Nerrrrrrrrd!  So, when I applied […]


108/365 – Cinemetrics

So much going on and the stress levels are at an all time high . . . well, not all time.  The all time stress level high award goes to the time my “friend” and his parents kicked me out of their house when I […]

Behind that charming facade and unassuming Irish cap is a man read to explode!

107/365 – Chris Tamisiea Runs, Swims, Bikes and Loves!

I’ve written plenty about my brother Sean (Tammer the Hammer) and Patrick (psychopath) and Jimmy, but I haven’t written much about my brother Chris.  Megan and her bridesmaids voted him the nicest guy they’ve met.  Chris is a class act.  Where Patrick (or myself for […]


106/365 – Board my Ship, Matey!

Megan and I attended our friend’s wedding in Vegas today.  It was the most unique wedding I’ve been to – aboard the pirate ship at Treasure Island Casino.   Complete with a pirate swinging in to bring them the rings.  Tons of fun.  Weddings are […]


105/365 – 5 Ways Vegas Makes You Spend, Spend, Spend.

I just spent my first 24 hours in Las Vegas and let me tell you, this place is like one long eye rape.  To add insult to injury, Vegas also asks your ears on a date for good measure.  There’s so much visual and auditory […]


104/365 – Wes Anderson!

I’m leaving for Vegas today.  So I don’t have a lot to write.  I’m just trying to get out of this city.  BUT, Megan shared this with me yesterday.  She knows how much I love Wes Anderson.  After all, I modeled one of my films […]

Photo on 1-12-12 at 2.50 PM

103/365 – LET IT F*****G SNOW!

Today I wrote 7 pages of my feature.  Not bad.  It’s also proving that this is going to be rough.  Like real rough.  The kind of rough that is reserved only for my feet  back in 200 when I was running everyday but not hydrating […]