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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: February 2012


151/365 – Leap Over My Year

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY!  That’s right.  I’ve been boring my readers with my banal sense of humor and poor grammar for 150 days.  That also means I’ve been married for 150 days.  Marriage! I could go on about what speakers I had today in class […]

Tomato, Goliath-Vegetable Seedsp

150/365 – Tomato Man Jailed For Life

Talk about copy write issues . . . what?  Didn’t you just read yesterday’s post?  Oh, you don’t read my blog posts back to back?  Why not?  It’s like one long story if you do that . . . like Paradise Lost but boring-er . […]

A metaphor for the music industry.

149/365 – On The Rails

Sometimes, you just need one word, one call to put you back into a positive disposition.  Not that I was in a negative disposition.  Things have been looking up.  Especially in regards to my thesis film – editing is back on track.  Titles, color and […]

Gold Trophy

148/365 – Oscars! Fart.

Holy . . . holy . . . holy moley.  It’s Oscar night and I’m in Hollywood.  And . . . I could really give two farts about this.  I’m just not that into award shows.  That and the hangover and homework load I’ve got […]


147/365 – Editing

It’s kind of a crazy day, today.  I’m editing my thesis film (Super) Dan after months of, well, like the rest of my life, arrested development.  Being in the same city as your editor is awesome!  I can not tell you how easy this will […]

This is what the class sees when they look at me now!  Eat it, Hitler!

146/365 – The Graduate Path

One of the things I keep hearing — one of the constants that seems to permiate the bitterness of Hollwood is that I should not start a family.  I’ve heard it three times in as many days and it may be the most disheartening advice […]


145/365 – Gate(wood) to Animation

Hey gang.  Wow, did you read that piece of crap I wrote yesterday (5 minutes ago)?  That was awful . . . and the crap will keep coming.  Like todler with stomach cramps. Well, get ready for more abbreviated commentary and a giant make up […]


144/365 – Sister Pants on Paramount

Today we had two excellent speakers: Gaylen Fraische.  Gaylen was awesome.  I mean supremely awesome because she’s been involved in every aspect of production – form inception to voice recording in post.  That’s one dedicated mama!  Gaylen has produced films for ABC Family, worked on […]

One has a passion for boogers and the other for doodie.

143/365 – A Lesson in Opposites

Yesterday I finally started my semester in LA program through Columbia and today, I’m being given a stiff dose reality – a skewed, twisted version of Hollywood reality.  The kind where, honesty, there is no reality because anything goes.  Opposites exist within inches of each […]

That mustache has more charm than all your body hair combined.

142/365 – Hollywood Shuffle

This is the first day of the rest of my life . . . I killed a man.  In cold blood.  With my mind . . . I’m on the run from a dozen of government agencies, including the FBI, CIA, LAPD, IRS, The Department […]


141/365 – Missing Her

If there’s any testament to the power of love, it has to one that errs on the side of suffering.  Love is something that brings great joy, but it’s power can be physically and tangibly felt when it turns sour.  Not the love itself – […]


140/365 – Driving . . . and Driving . . . and . . .

Driving.  I’ve been driving all day with nothing but Rockstar Energy Drink and some Chicken Fried Steak in my belly.  I feel gross and tired.  I’ve arrive in LA with a cloudy haze surrounding my head.  It’s an all too familiar feeling – one that […]

Mommy, I want a cookie . . . a FLESH COOKIE!

139/365 – Ghost Tour

I’m in San Francisco!  With Patrick.  He give San Fran his blessing! Ah, San Francisco; home of a big red bridge and lots of homosexuals and beards and early 20th century architecture and hills and my brother.   A lot of that is redundant . […]


138/365 – Tooth Loss

I’m in midway airport. Waiting for my flight to LA. Megan and I tried to spend as much time together as we could before I left. I think we are both avoided the subject of being away from each other for awhile – but last […]


137/365 – The Princess Bride

Everyone – and I mean everyone – has a deep seated urge to yell at the movie screen. It’s a natural byproduct of mob mentality. Gather a crowd into a dark room, crank up the AC and put on a flickering light . . . […]


136/365 – Take This Job And Shove It***

*** “Shove it” meaning give it to another qualified candidate till I return from LA. Yes. Today is my last day at the illustrious Screenwriting Center. Till April, at least. I’ll miss these hallowed walls of writers’ dismay. Till April, at least. I hope the […]

This is what my Monday usually ends up being.

135/365 – Monday! . . . Oh, I mean, Monday.

It’s Monday, y’all!  What’s not to celebrate? We get to work!  Yes! Get up early after a weekend of sleeping in!  B-b-b-bonus! Try to jump start your energy when all you want to do is sleep — SLEEP? Pa-sha!  Never. Let’s kick this biznatch into […]

See that crooked little smile . . yeah, that was for me!  No one but me.

134/365 – Good Bye, My Love

It’s Sunday.  Relaxation time.  Battlestar Galactica time with the wife time.  Time! It’s also the end of the world time . . . Because the end of the world begins with the Earth farting into the void. Why?  Because Whitney Houston died, that’s why.  Well, […]


133/365 – Up-Sold

When we got married, I had enough people renting tuxes in the wedding party to get a 450 dollar credit at Men’s Warehouse.  Today, I took them up on it.  I went to get a suit and ended up getting a 600 dollar suit for […]

Success Bar

132/365 – The Theatre Success Curve

Just got back from performing improv for hundreds of kids at Eureka College in central Illinois.  Tons of fun.  Hadn’t had a performance since September.  Performing, especially comedy, is a rush like no other.  It exhilarating – chemically, emotionally and physically.  Sometimes, after a great […]