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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: March 2012


182/365 – Nerd Cred

My whole life I’ve been building up my nerd cred.  It’s like street cred but with more desperate attempts at losing one’s virginity.  From wearing Spider-Man PJs to owning over 3500 comics, my nerd status is pretty well established.  But there’s been one aspect of […]


181/365 – Bard Fiction

I like watching my wife perform on stage.  She’s really cute.  Just like the first time I saw her perform on stage — that’s when I said to myself, “Wow!  That girl is cute.  Gotta meet her.”  Now it’s, “Wow, that girl is cute.  And […]


180/365 – Back to Reality

This will be short.  After 5 weeks of hob-nobbing with entertainment professionals and pitching to producers, coming back to Chicago and trying to get North Face to take me back on the payroll is kind of a let down.  I also have an interview with […]

Did I mention the Oyster is really Ed-209?

179/365 – Taxes!

It’s my first full day back in sweet ol’ Chicago.  I could do anything I want!  I could go to the Art Institute for the first time.  I could finish Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood on the old XBox!  I could go for a run!  Man, the […]

Chicago sign

178/365 – Sweet Home Chicago!

Listen.  I don’t have time to write anything special for you, my dear readers.  I just got home surprising Megan after being gone for 6 weeks.  So I’m just giving you a video.  Enjoy.  I have 6 weeks to catch up with Megan . . […]


177/365 – Adult Babies and Miley Cyrus

This is a whirlwind kind of day.  Not a whirlwind as in, “Did you read my post from yesterday . . . still farting.”  No, this is my last day in LA till I move back in June.  By the time you read this, I […]

I prefer this kind of run-in with Oblivion . . . more manageable.

176/365 – The Seafood Lover In You!

Last night I sat on the rooftop of a Hollywood apartment building drinking birthday cake flavored vodka and watching the LAPD bust the party I was attending.  Well, busting is a harsh word.  They were giving it a warning for noise disturbance.  I’m sure that […]


175/365 – Color Correcting

Michael Bay is so cool.  He’s the coolest . . . Okay, I’m not a Michael Bay fan.  He makes cool looking movies, but he’s just like George Lucas in that he’s a digital & special effects guy.  If you were to ask him to […]


174/365 – Exit Interview

Let me give you a recipe for disaster when it comes to preparing for an exit interview. 1)  The night before, eat at Tommy’s Burgers on Sunset and Bronson.  Order the regular cheeseburger.  No need to ask for extra grease, there’s oil enough in the […]

US Air Force Academy, CO

173/365 – Pitching

Sleep . . . who needs it.  I mean, really.  Why would anyone want to be rested on an important day?  Not me.  I’ll gladly wake up at 4:30 am on the day of my Hollywood pitch meetings.  Sleep.  Bull cocky.  Can’t wait to zone […]

Will Ferrell

172/365 – Rip-O-Matic

It floors me that the disconnect between the academic definition and the professional definition of work is so large.  You think I would have learned my lesson after undergrad.  The past 5 weeks have been phenomenal in terms of learning the trade form the point of […]

Can't you see the resemblance?  My tongue is made of carmel too!

171/365 – Judgement Day

Across the hall from the producing classroom sits the ever so diligent screenwriters.  Probably a place where I should be, but decided that I’d learn some producing ropes instead.  Two of the writers there have christened me with a new nickname  . . . More […]

These are the loser trophies -- I mean, the "good job but not so good job" trophies.

170/365 – CONSIDER

Last Monday, I was read these words written across the bottom of my TV Pilot Treatment: Mild Pass.  Mile Pass.  Meaning that the reader who evaluated my treatment thought it wasn’t quite good enough for production.  Mild Pass . . . I just kept thinking […]


169/365 – Looks Stupid

You know, I’ve gotten into this bad habit.  A habit that any filmmaker should do his best to avoid.  I judge movies before they have been released.  I won’t even see them.  Of course, I think most people do this.  John Carter aside, it’s probably […]

Yeah, look at him eyeing that Jack Daniels.  It'd definitely his day.

168/365 – St. Patrick’s Day

Hey, it’s his day . . . That’s right, It Patrick’s day.  Well, St. Patrick’s day, but I’m alone in Los Angeles — can’t drink or celebrate this patron saint, so I’m giving it all to Patrick Tamisiea.  I have to make a Rip-O-Matic tonight. […]


167/365 – Preach It, Brother!

What a model day today.  I’m on half the amount of sleep I should be on and yet I’m enrgized to all hell.  Maybe it was the two red Bulls and the large coffee. Nah, it’s probbaly the speakers we had in for class.  Pretty […]

Alfred Newman mask

166/365 – Mad Busy

Tonight I am mad busy. I have to finish my treatment for my feature film pitch by tomorrow.  That and a coverage for a feature script.  And I have a networking event.  Weeeeee!  Fart. So, instead of rambling, I think I’ll give you all a […]

Hell, even the Beasty Boys are bored today . . . just sitting around.  Broken crackers on the ground.  Not making a sound.  BEASTY!

165/365 – Nothing to Say.

Wednesday.  Wed-nes-day!  It’s hump day, biznatches!  What happens on hump day?  Nothing, that’s what.  It’s hump day!   Heck, not even any humping is happening.  No alien invasion.  No lottery winnings.  No sleep till Brooklyn. I’m making a point, here, readers. (All 22 of you […]

2009_10_burger bar-thumb

164/365 – Irv’s

Earlier today, I had my first business networking lunch.  I met with a guy from Machinima and shot the shit over a beer and a shot.  Great stuff, but afterwords, I was starving.  So I headed down the street to the shady little hamburger stand […]

All these lines lead to my wireless router.

163/365 – Guilty Till Proven Innocent

There’s nothing like being accused of something you didn’t do.  It’s exhilarating.  Refreshing, even.  Like a cool breath up your shorts on a hot sticky day . . . No, it’s really like a hot poker shoved up your pants by the girl who dumped […]