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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: June 2012


273/365 – Wanted: Mediocre 60s Style Apartment Lacking Charm

The big difference between apartment hunting in Los Angels and Chicago is the amount of time you have to give yourself to find a place.  In Chicago, it’s not unheard of to start looking for an apartment 5 week before your move in date.  The […]

A flag I can follow.

272/365 – CONON O’BRIEN

When I was a kid, I could not wait for summer vacation.  “Oh, Tim, thanks for the enlightening intro to your dumb blog.  I don;t have time for you’re  lame stories, I have to ride my fixie to get some mustache cream  I’ll read about […]


271/365 – Picture Lock

Last night, after months and months of remote work and remote sweat and remote tears, my editor, Lauren Walsh, and I finally achieved picture lock! on my thesis film.  What’s picture lock, you ask?  Well, picture lock is a wrestling move where you choke a […]


270/365 – Waffles or Pancakes

My co-workers at Beacon Pictures . . . . can I call them “co-workers” if I’m only a lowly intern?  How about my fellow “income imbued-workers”?  No?  Um . . . “the people that sit in the desks next to me but make actual money” […]

What a MATURE man you have there, Megan.

269/365 – Megan Has A Crush

Spam sucks.  It’s just a fact of life.  It’s like someone squeezing a shit into your mail slot hoping you’re stupid enough to think it’s a letter. I get a lot of nonsensical spam comments on this blog . . . A LOT!  They almost […]

Why did you adopt me!?  Why did you adopt me!?

268/365 – Joan Crawford

Listen, I don’t want to get into this but I have to.  This is a personal blog with personal rants and personal thought.  So let me tell you . . . Joan Crawford is a bitch.  No, not that actress.  Granted, not a very nice […]

Yeah!  Adventure Cat!  Do it!

267/365 – Cats and Dogs, Living Together — Mass Hysteria!

If there’s one thing Los Angeles has that I haven’t seen in other cities is street adoption fairs.  We’ve seen three during our stint here in La La Land.  We’ve never really considered getting a pet till my dad announced that he wanted to give […]


266/365 – Gary Oldman; Preacher of Truth.

If you’re a frequent reader of the Meagan and Timmy blog (also known as Timmy and Timmy blog) then  you know about my acting roots.  Also, if you’re a frequent reader of the Megan and Timmy blog then you’re probably my mom, mother-in-law or my […]


265/365 – Date Night with Wes Anderson

It’s been a tough month for the Tamisieas.  With moving from our beloved Chicago to a slurry of car troubles Megan and I have about had it.  She;s been working from home and trying to check on apartments for rent all day . . . […]

Sweet ride!

264/365 – Tamisieas and the Four Winds

So, after his long R&R visit to Omaha, Patrick has made his way back to Los Angeles before he heads back to San Francisco.  What a joy!  It’s nice having Pat in town . . . probably because in all reality, Los Angeles is more […]


263/365 – Lost Cause

Listen, I got a lot on my plate.  I’m a busy man with lots of . . . things . . . on my plate.  Like when I worked at Prudential, my boss will yell from her office, “Teem?  What on your plate?”  I would […]


262/365 – Writers Group

INT: THIS PLACE THAT YOU MAY HAVE BEEN BEFORE.  OR NOT – DAY A house.  A room.  A couch.  Two men.  They talk . . . TT:     Hello, Timmy. TT2:  Oh!  Why hello, Timmy.  We look good. TT:     Stop.  Stop flattering […]

Oh, there you are, Michael.  I thought you cut hair on Wednesdays.

261/365 – The Perfect Haircut

Call me a diva or a priss or a metrosexual, but the only thing I tend to spend a lot of money on (other than comics and video games) are haircuts.  In Chicago, my haircuts cost an average of 55 bucks. Yes!  Fifty five American […]

We also get really high on our bond . . . really really high.

260/365 – Happy Father’s Day

After a very eventful Saturday, with all the surprises and pinatas and Thomas the Tank Engine decorations, Sunday comes along and — boom — it’s father’s day.  Man, my dad is spoiled.  Father’s day and a birthday in the same week.  As Sean and I […]


259/365 – Dean’s 70!

If you all know my dad, Dean Tamisiea — and I know ALL of you do — I mean, it’s Dean Tamisiea . . . of the Tamisieas?  Come on, readers, do your research . . . I’ll wait . . . Got it?  No. […]


258/365 – Final Prep

Pat and I ran around Omaha all day today, doing our best to get Dad’s surprise party off the ground.  Grocery shopping, buying kiddie party favors, a model battleship with paints . . . you know, planing a 70 year old’s birthday party.  Then we […]

Progressive considers this a preexisting condition.

257/365 – Car Troubles and Pedestrian Traffic Patterns

People and cars are idiots.  the whole lot of em.  If you’re one of these two things, you’re probably an idiot . . . unless you’re not an idiot.  (Yogi Berra!)  Or if you’re a People Car — then you have a really weird life/car […]


256/365 – Playing With Fire

I’m at one of my internships today.  I know it will eventually become busy.  I’ve been told it will become busy.  I hope it will become busy.  Right noiw, though, it’s not busy.  So I just catch up on my personal business or work for […]

How quant.  And white.  And . . . boring.

255/365 – Easy on the Stairs

I would like to introduce a new phrase into the American lexicon.  I inadvertently tested it a few months back when I told a story to my co-workers at The Screenwriting Center.  They flew with it . . . Back in 2000, I was living […]

Hey man!  Is this the crowbar/flashlight/ski-mask party?

254/365 – Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

There’s nothing like settling in for a night’s rest.  Getting into your PJ’s.  Turning on the TV for some last minute, mind numbing late night programing.  Opening that book you read every night for months because you can’t get past two pages without dozing off. […]