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10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska

Monthly Archives: July 2012

Of course, to me, this man is the only TRUE music man.

304/365 – Musical Auditions

You know that dreadful feeling you get in the pit of your stomach before an important event?   It feels like pulsating orb radiating electricity to your limbs.  It’s really powerful.  It takes away your appetite, disrupts your sleep patterns and even screws with your […]

Spartans!  Welcome to my 1 bedroom apartment!  Make yourselves at home.  I have to do some laundry!  Do any of you have any quarters you can spare for the machine?

303/365 – You Are Our 300th Customer!!!

(09-02-2012 — EDITORS NOTE — Because of a numbering fiasco (see Aug 31 Post) This is not the 300th post.  It’s the 301st. Ugh) HOLY COW! Do you realize I’ve been writing this blog consecutively for 300 days?  Do you? Well, welcome to 300, Spartans. […]

Excuse me sir.  Ma'am . . . No, I don;t want any oranges.  i was just wondering if you I could do a monologue from my show that starts in an hour.  Really nervous.

302/365 – Day-O-Megan

Megan’s on fire . . . SERIOUSLY!  She’s on fire.  Put her out!  Please! Silly readers.  Would I actually just write that she was on fire?  Give me some credit.  I would have at least Skyped it… Anyway, Megan and I can be pretty hard […]


301/365 – Back to Basics

Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics.  You know, return to a way of doing things that isn’t complicated by layers of emotion, experience and just plain old bias. Today, I took a huge step back, planted my feet where they had been years […]


300/365 – Monologue Test

I think I’m one of those people who fears success.  Or, at least, I think that my behavior is what that term refers to.  The idea that when you have  a success, you can either relish in it, or you see the responsibility and work […]


299/365 – Sick Day

Just feel like crap today.  Couple that with the fact that I have so much work do get done, that I have to make this sick day a work day.  Stupid. So, with all the work I have, especially working on coverage for my internships, […]

This is Saint Dean . . . don't fear the sword.  It's a replica.  He collects them.

298/365 – Saint Dean

So, as an older male who should have his shit together, I should be a littl more sheepish, possibly ashamed, of the statement I’m about to lay down on you kids. Megan and I are borrowing money from my dad to purchase our second car. […]

Honey, Im home form work . . . ie, the wishing well.

297/365 – Less Money = Adulthood

When do boys become men?  Or better yet, when do we pass through the ring of fire into adulthood.  Some people think it’s when we turn 21.  As if drinking constitutes a measure of maturity — that just makes you regress.  You could even argue […]


296/365 – Bumper Kissing

We all know . . . you hate Los Angeles. Seriously.  I get it.  You saw a comedian make jokes about LA or walked Hollywood Blvd once when you were 8 and made up your mind.  You probably saw Down and Out in Beverly Hills […]


295/365 – Bender & Fry

Before I met Megan . . . Before I decided I wanted to make films . . . Before I thought I could be an actor . . . before drinking and girls and sex and puberty there was a little dream — NO!  Not […]

You might as well have broken my back, Bane.

294/365 – Nothing to Look Forward To

When your birthday is a month away, there’s a mounting anticipation.  An excitement . . . weeks of excitement that builds.  What gifts will I get?  Who will I be with?  Will my co-workers celebrate with me?  Will I get trashed?  Will the occupy movement […]

If you're expecting me to write something funny here, may I remind you to just look at the picture again.

293/365 – Comedy Westerns

Farting around a campfire.  When you do it as a kid at a sleepover camp, it god damn funny.  When you see grown men do it on a movie, you may just asphyxiate from laughter — especially when you’re a 10 year old kid.  I […]


292/365 – The Dark Knight Rises

. . . . . I’m kind of speechless right now.  I just walked out of the Producer’s Guild’s pre-screening of The Dark Knight Rises — the final film in the Christopher Nolan trilogy and the film I’ve been anticipating all year.  There’s murmuring by […]

Or I'm just one crooked mother f'er.

291/365 – COMMENT!

COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT! Do you see a theme here? Someone’s reading this blog . . . I hope.  The counter is about to reach 46,000 hits in a about a week.  That means spam bots are still on the move, my mom is refreshing the web page […]


290/365 – The Dark Knight’s Big Adventure

As the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises approaches, I’m becoming more and more giddy.  This movie will not disappoint . . . me at least.  With all the hype, though, there’s some fear that it will not live up to expectations.  That’s why when […]


289/365 – The Difference Between Justice and Punishment

Just another day at the office.  Reading scripts.  Getting this blog written.  Eating stuff.  Doing stuff . . . . stuff. Then I find this short film made by Mr. Thomas Jane.  Yes, the same Thomas Jane who played The Punisher.  You know, the comic […]

I mean, we could own this water soaked crap hole, but then again, I own Assassin's Creed 2, so what's the need?

287/365 – Venice; A Social Dichotomy

Megan is a complex girl.  One minute she’s happy and the next she’s happy . . . er?  Actually, Megan is easy on the mind not to mention the eyes.  So, as a celebration of her birth (day 2 — still making up for my […]

Fatcap makes me fat happy.

286/365 – Blind Boxes

If you’re a fan of this blog and you read it often, then you’re weird.  Seriously.  Go to The Onion or Cracked.com.  I’m just this guy, you know. Still here?  Okay, now that all the posers are gone (thanks for sticking around Mom) I have […]

Don't tell me this isn't creepy.

285/365 – COMIC CON, Y’ALL! (and megan’s birthday)

Relationships are complicated.  They’re hard.  They can be just weird.  However, when I look at my relationship with Megan, I find no complications.  It’s why I married her — she makes everything seem so easy.  No drama.  No head games.  She gets me and I […]


284/365 – Three’s Company Land

Today, at 6pm, I leave Los Angeles and head to sunny San Diego . . . well, I mean, sunnier San Diego?  Um, just as sunny but further south San Diego? Whatever.  I’m heading down to San Diego to attend the biggest nerd event of […]