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Megan and Timmy | 10/01/11 in Omaha Nebraska | Page 3

327/365 – Audience PA & Pete Holmes


Today, the fan was stricken by feces.  I mean, it was good feces . . . not the smelly kind.  The kind I usually produce; […]

326/365 – A Letter From The Trenches

Another tea delivery to the trenches.  I hope it's Lemon Zinger.  I hope.

Dear (insert Civil War sounding name here . . . maybe Ruth or Abigale), Things have been quiet down here in the trenches of Conan. […]

325/365 – HK3K


Got up at 6am.  Arrived in Culver City at 7:30am.  Got in a van and was driven to the set of Megan’s favorite show, Hell’s […]

324/365 – Termite Terrace


Today I started my internship with Conan . . . But let me back track a bit to give you some perspective about what happened […]

323/365 – Old Habits . . .

A what?!  No!  I just want to to tease some poor guards over there.  how dare you assume I would want to do . . . that.

I did it again.  No, I didn’t play with your heart.  If I had done that I would have said, “Oops, I did it again.” […]

322/365 – Brown Bottle Flu


Last night I had 4 Tecate beers.  Four.  F-O-U-R.  You know how many fingers are on your hand, minus the thumb?  Four . . . […]

321/365 – An Adult Kind of Dwelling Space

For the person who drinks in appreciation for taste.

I don’t care what anyone says, the real difference between an adult living space and the space of someone who refuses to grow up is […]

320/365 – Four-Eyes


For someone who has worn glasses for most of his life, I’m piss porn at the upkeep of my eyewear.  Maybe it’s because I started […]

319/365 – Belittle Update!


Most film students worship Wes Anderson.  Well, I think there’s a large majority who do.  He’s probably the first auteur to come into Hollywood in […]

318/365 – Last Day At The PGA


From one internship to another, I’m floating around LA like a man with a mission . . . a mission to create no new income. […]

317/365 – The Ants Go Marching

Look, sweetie, breakfast?  Don't look to the right.  just eat.

Let’s just say, for shits and giggles, you’ve just moved into a new apartment.  And let’s just suppose, for farts and laughs, that there’s a […]

316/365 – You Know Who Your Friends Are . . .

And there's a lot of turd out here in LA.  A lot.

. . . when they help you move.  Am I right, gang?  Huh?  Huh? Seriously.  There’s nothing worse than having to move on your own. […]

315/365 – Driving Motivation


When I was living in Chicago, going out was no problem.  If I was invited anywhere, I would just hop in my bike, a bus […]

314/365 – Unhealthy

Hold on.  Let my assistant get the reward from the "vault."

Hey!  Guess what?  It’s like 10pm and I’m almost finished with unpacking.  It’s pretty amazing.  Yeah!!!! But now I am seeing what all my inactivity […]

313/365 – Unpacking, Unpacking, Unpacking . . .


The absolute only way I’m ever going to help Megan feel acclimated is to get this damn apartment unpacked and in order.  It’s just sucks.  Really. […]

312/365 – Fuün Tersjks with Ikea


Legos where my thing when I was a kid . . . Legos and GI Joe.  I’ll save The Real American heroes for a post […]

311/365 – And . . . Cue Dreams


5:23pm.  Returning to my desk at the PGA. I sit down and look at my laptop.  There’s an e-mail form a Mr. Clark – the […]

310/365 – Like Moses Through The Desert

John Frederick Lewis-628646

Finally.  FINALLY, we get to spend the night in our own apartment.  We’re like the Israelites returning home after wandering the desert for years.  It […]

309/365 – 8 Events That Ruined Sports (for me)


I got a chance to watch the women’s Olympic marathon today.  Impressive!  It made me miss the days when I really enjoyed watching the Olympics. […]

308/365 – Practical Uses For Impractical Toys

Ford Police Interceptor Concept

Saturday.  Usually a day of rest.  For some.  I’m just busy and anxiously awaiting the results from the Monologue test.  But, I got a chance […]