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Tag Archives: Batman

Tag Archives: Batman


329/365 – Hard at Work, Or Hardly Working?

Busy bee am I.  Just buzz buzz buzz.  Weeeee.  Just zipping around.  Getting things done.  Making the rounds.  Feeling the feel.  Pooping the chud.  Chewing the fat.  Creeping the FB.  Writing . . . Damn it, I’m busy. Today has been one of those rare […]

Ford Police Interceptor Concept

308/365 – Practical Uses For Impractical Toys

Saturday.  Usually a day of rest.  For some.  I’m just busy and anxiously awaiting the results from the Monologue test.  But, I got a chance to go to the new apartment and all I want to do is display my art toys on the built […]

You might as well have broken my back, Bane.

294/365 – Nothing to Look Forward To

When your birthday is a month away, there’s a mounting anticipation.  An excitement . . . weeks of excitement that builds.  What gifts will I get?  Who will I be with?  Will my co-workers celebrate with me?  Will I get trashed?  Will the occupy movement […]


292/365 – The Dark Knight Rises

. . . . . I’m kind of speechless right now.  I just walked out of the Producer’s Guild’s pre-screening of The Dark Knight Rises — the final film in the Christopher Nolan trilogy and the film I’ve been anticipating all year.  There’s murmuring by […]


290/365 – The Dark Knight’s Big Adventure

As the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises approaches, I’m becoming more and more giddy.  This movie will not disappoint . . . me at least.  With all the hype, though, there’s some fear that it will not live up to expectations.  That’s why when […]

Don't tell me this isn't creepy.

285/365 – COMIC CON, Y’ALL! (and megan’s birthday)

Relationships are complicated.  They’re hard.  They can be just weird.  However, when I look at my relationship with Megan, I find no complications.  It’s why I married her — she makes everything seem so easy.  No drama.  No head games.  She gets me and I […]

Come on, Bane.  I'll try to like you too.  Stop pouting.

282/365 – The Journey

The Dark Knight Rises might just be the only movie  that gives me heart palpitations as the release gets closer and closer.  The last film to do that was . . . The Dark Knight.  Okay, I really like Batman.  A lot.  It’s not just […]


78/365 – Lost Wallet

Yeah, the title says it all.  The only way to bring a man down form the high of a 5k run and Zoo Lights is to have him lose his wallet.  Didn’t even realize it till I was on my way to work.  I have […]

Minus the dead parents and I'm all good.

73/365 – 10 Items From My “What The Hell” Christmas List.

We’re officially 13 days away from Christmas.  That’s 13 whole days for you to buy everything you need to convince your loved ones that the are, indeed, loved ones.  May that be a toy or a diamond or a contract killing – you’ll find a […]

Who Bat-farted?

16/365 – Na na na na na na na na CATCH UP!

CATCH UP Okay.  I’ve come to a conclusion about blogging.  Not everyday will be filled with prolific insights and enlightening satire.  No.  Some days I will have nothing to write about.  Today is somewhat like that.  I have lots to write, but, again, I’m playing […]