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Tag Archives: Blog

Adventure Time

483/365 – I’M BACK, BITCHES! — PART 1

Helloooooooo!  Did you miss me?  I missed you… all 6 of my readers; you dedicated few who stuck around, waiting patiently everyday for a new post.  Yes, you 6.  So proud of you.  And as soon as your parole hearings are scheduled, I will be […]


365/365 – Good Night

Part of my job at Conan is to stand in the isle of the studio audience during the commercial breaks.  Not too sure of the purpose other than keeping an eye out for people taking pictures or recording the show.  The few times I’ve done […]


362/365 – Failing With Confidence

Man, the last week of this blog has been chop full of improv talk.  Blah blah improv blah blah comedy blah blah yes and . . . Sorry about that all 5 of my readers.  I also apologize ahead of time as I’m about to […]

Here, step into my elevator.  I put on some Muzak while you wait.

333/365 – That “Oh Shit” Moment

It’s been really exciting knowing that I’ve kept my wedding promise to write one of these posts everyday for a year.  It’s much more exciting as I get to the final month of the blog.  Everyday, I’ve been getting these things written — whether or […]

Spartans!  Welcome to my 1 bedroom apartment!  Make yourselves at home.  I have to do some laundry!  Do any of you have any quarters you can spare for the machine?

303/365 – You Are Our 300th Customer!!!

(09-02-2012 — EDITORS NOTE — Because of a numbering fiasco (see Aug 31 Post) This is not the 300th post.  It’s the 301st. Ugh) HOLY COW! Do you realize I’ve been writing this blog consecutively for 300 days?  Do you? Well, welcome to 300, Spartans. […]


245/365 – A Day to Detox

Vacations are great . . . driving cross country is great.  However, when you write a daily blog, it creates a vacuum that sucks all your posts away.  What I’m saying is that vacations are like a Dyson . . . so beautiful and it […]

As crazy as these two look, it got worse when they started humping those bunnies a second after the picture was taken.

202/365 – Marriage; It Is What It Is.

Welcome to day 200!  When I started this blog, it was a device to adapt to the old adage, “Writers write.”  I would add “everyday” to the end of that.  Before October 1st (when this blog officially started) my writing was sporadic, uneven — hell, […]

Of course, this guys been following me around the apartment, staring at me for 15 hours straight, so . . . same thing, right?

184/365 – Half Done

This here folks is the half way point.  182 posts is juts half of 365.  I’ve been writing this damn thing for half a year.  Color me impressed.  Really.  I suffer from mild ADD, and so my motivation is always in conflict with my straying […]

Oh, there's my pocket full of sunshine.  I was saving THAT for those f'ing wolves that plague Skyrim!

122/365 – A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

You know, I have a bunch of ideas for posts.  Little rays of sunshine (or moonlight for those negative posts) I’ve got stuffed in my writing pocket ready to radiate upon my readers’ pale bodies.  Some have been rattling in my head since I started […]

I will be John McClane this month!

96/365 – And Now the Hard Part Begins

Back in November I signed up for a pitching seminar at Columbia College.  What’s pitching, you ask.  Oh, pitching is the fine art of verbal story telling and being charming – at the same time.  Whenever a screenwriter or a producer wants to sell a […]


72/365 – Writer’s Block on my Friggin’ Head

I need some encouragement and, at the same time, some discipline.  I have been upfront with the fact that many of my posts have to be written days after the actual date of the post.  I write notes and use them to construct the posts. […]

The original name of her blog was Insolent Root Vegetable which attracted a completely different kind of reader.

43/365 – Sassy Radish!

Web-denziens posting pictures of food on their blogs and Facebook profiles isn’t new, but it is definitely growing in popularity.  I, personally, find it annoying.  I really do not want to see some poorly taken iPhone photo of the Dim Sum you purchased at some […]


26/365 – Long Day’s Journey Into Night

I decided to take a on two shifts at the screenwriting center today.  So I’ve got 14 hours to think about what I want to write today.  I was planning on giving a response to the day every half hour.  There’s something about having too […]

Who Bat-farted?

16/365 – Na na na na na na na na CATCH UP!

CATCH UP Okay.  I’ve come to a conclusion about blogging.  Not everyday will be filled with prolific insights and enlightening satire.  No.  Some days I will have nothing to write about.  Today is somewhat like that.  I have lots to write, but, again, I’m playing […]

So much blogging.  Don't know where to start.

13/365 – Mr. Clean

MR. CLEAN All I’ve done today is clean and organize.  I’m sure this goes for a lot of people, but the surest way to give the allusion of life control is to clean your apartment.  And that’s what I’m doing.  Hurricane Tamisiea/Green Wedding is over, […]