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Tag Archives: Career

Tag Archives: Career

Of course, there are some artists who've had to acquire money in a lot worse ways.

359/365 – You’re Hired!

As a point of reference for this blog post, let me give you a list of jobs* I’ve held over the years. (*Jobs as in I actually got paid) TIMMY JOBS: THE SHORT LIST Paperboy Lifeguard Greeter at The Warner Brothers Studio Store College Box […]

That and I'm married.

346/365 – Palm Reading

Buying into weird myths and holistic mumbo jumbo really isn’t my thing.  I do think they’re entertaining and it’s fun to let your mind want to believe in them.  However, buying a bunch of crystals and making all decisions based on tarot card readings and […]

Next time I'll just wear this to the commissary.

330/365 – Ellen

When I was in Chicago, good things were happening all the time.  It wasn’t as if I was some down on my luck bum, scooping up the shitty remains of success as I trudged my way to mediocrity.  But it did feel as if my […]

That's what it feels like.  Truth.

214/365 – Umemployed

Today was my last day of employment for . . . 4 months?  Oh god.  When I write it down it hits a lot harder than just thinking it.  What am I going to do with myself.  That’s an easy question.  I have too much […]

These are the loser trophies -- I mean, the "good job but not so good job" trophies.

170/365 – CONSIDER

Last Monday, I was read these words written across the bottom of my TV Pilot Treatment: Mild Pass.  Mile Pass.  Meaning that the reader who evaluated my treatment thought it wasn’t quite good enough for production.  Mild Pass . . . I just kept thinking […]

This is what the class sees when they look at me now!  Eat it, Hitler!

146/365 – The Graduate Path

One of the things I keep hearing — one of the constants that seems to permiate the bitterness of Hollwood is that I should not start a family.  I’ve heard it three times in as many days and it may be the most disheartening advice […]

One has a passion for boogers and the other for doodie.

143/365 – A Lesson in Opposites

Yesterday I finally started my semester in LA program through Columbia and today, I’m being given a stiff dose reality – a skewed, twisted version of Hollywood reality.  The kind where, honesty, there is no reality because anything goes.  Opposites exist within inches of each […]

That mustache has more charm than all your body hair combined.

142/365 – Hollywood Shuffle

This is the first day of the rest of my life . . . I killed a man.  In cold blood.  With my mind . . . I’m on the run from a dozen of government agencies, including the FBI, CIA, LAPD, IRS, The Department […]


128/365 – Grill Job

We live in an era where finding your dream job – a job that helps you live while simultaneously gives you sense of purpose and fulfillment – is not just a possibility but a right.  Where our grandparents took jobs because it was a matter […]


111/365 – FEAR

Fear is and extremely palatable of emotions if not the most.  It has a way, unlike any other emotion, to take hold of you mentally, physically, spiritually . . .  Not to say other emotions can’t grip you firmly like a handmade glove, but there’s […]

Seriously, guys.  This is ridiculous.  Its only a straight line.  How hard can it be?

22/365 – Farewell/Hello

Farewell / Hello I took ANOTHER shift at the Skybox so that I can afford my glamorous life.  Weeeeee.  But tonight, when I got off work, I went to the Second City Main Stage to see my friend Tim Mason off.  He’s been performing at […]

Right now, the only difference between me and Wooderson is that sweet mustache.

21/365 – Thank Yous

Thank Yous Marriage was supposed to be a step towards a more stable adulthood, right?  I mean, I didn’t think it would solve all my problems like some teenage girls think a baby will make their abusive football player boyfriend love them.  I just thought […]