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Tag Archives: Film

Tag Archives: Film


220/365 – Directing Workshop

Today I am heading to the film building for one last hurrah.  I probably won’t set foot in that building for a very long time.  Bruce Sheridan, the chair of the film department and my thesis advisor, has asked me to help give a diretcing […]


201/365 – Signed Off

This is a future blog post!  I came here from Friday to tell you about how awesome this day will be.  See, readers and past Timmy, I (you, past Timmy) just has a meeting with Bruce Sheridan — head of the Columbia College film and […]


195/365 – I’m Just A Girl

Got the new video up for The Aperture Series.


191/365 – Aperture Series Video 2

Still hungover from Saturday’s shit storm of drinking.  Ugh.  But, I do have this new promo for the Aperture series.  Check it out.

Yeah, she's Willy Wonka.

185/365 – IZZY!

Never work with animals or kids.  It’s the old filmmaking adage.  If you do, you can double your production time, hence, doubling your budget.   However, tonight, I got to make a tiny, low budget ($0.00) film to announce Oracle Productions new filmmaker platform, The […]


175/365 – Color Correcting

Michael Bay is so cool.  He’s the coolest . . . Okay, I’m not a Michael Bay fan.  He makes cool looking movies, but he’s just like George Lucas in that he’s a digital & special effects guy.  If you were to ask him to […]

Will Ferrell

172/365 – Rip-O-Matic

It floors me that the disconnect between the academic definition and the professional definition of work is so large.  You think I would have learned my lesson after undergrad.  The past 5 weeks have been phenomenal in terms of learning the trade form the point of […]


169/365 – Looks Stupid

You know, I’ve gotten into this bad habit.  A habit that any filmmaker should do his best to avoid.  I judge movies before they have been released.  I won’t even see them.  Of course, I think most people do this.  John Carter aside, it’s probably […]

Success Bar

132/365 – The Theatre Success Curve

Just got back from performing improv for hundreds of kids at Eureka College in central Illinois.  Tons of fun.  Hadn’t had a performance since September.  Performing, especially comedy, is a rush like no other.  It exhilarating – chemically, emotionally and physically.  Sometimes, after a great […]

I just want to box everything up.  EVERYTHING!

118/365 – Apature Film Series

I have some crazy, somewhat scary (for me) but seemingly boring (for you) news for you all.  A few days ago a made a huge leap forward in getting my life in order: I applied for graduation.  This may seem pretty small, or at least […]


113/365 – Alexander No Payne No Gain

The Descendants.  A movie described by one of my cinematographers as a film that, “gave me faith in film making again.”  Megan and I went on a date last night and saw this film by Alexander Payne . . . an alum of Creighton Prep high school […]


108/365 – Cinemetrics

So much going on and the stress levels are at an all time high . . . well, not all time.  The all time stress level high award goes to the time my “friend” and his parents kicked me out of their house when I […]


104/365 – Wes Anderson!

I’m leaving for Vegas today.  So I don’t have a lot to write.  I’m just trying to get out of this city.  BUT, Megan shared this with me yesterday.  She knows how much I love Wes Anderson.  After all, I modeled one of my films […]

Ever since the ban on gay marriage was lifted, the pirates think they can get the same treatment.  Marriage is not between a pirate and a pirate!  It says so in the Bible.

94/365 – Lights! Camera! Marriage!

Next week Megan an I will be heading to Las Vegas for our friend Natalie’s wedding.  It’s going to be at Treasure Island Casino.  Arrgh.  Nothing says love like walking the plank – that was a euphemism.  I hope you plunder his gold and he […]


31/365 – BELITTLE!

Megan knows that I’ve been working tirelessly to get my films done.  She’s played such a huge part in the process.  Still, every film I’ve made at Columbia is in some state of unfisnishedness.  It’s a word.  Look it up. So, over the past 6 […]