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Tag Archives: jobs

Tag Archives: jobs

Of course, there are some artists who've had to acquire money in a lot worse ways.

359/365 – You’re Hired!

As a point of reference for this blog post, let me give you a list of jobs* I’ve held over the years. (*Jobs as in I actually got paid) TIMMY JOBS: THE SHORT LIST Paperboy Lifeguard Greeter at The Warner Brothers Studio Store College Box […]


136/365 – Take This Job And Shove It***

*** “Shove it” meaning give it to another qualified candidate till I return from LA. Yes. Today is my last day at the illustrious Screenwriting Center. Till April, at least. I’ll miss these hallowed walls of writers’ dismay. Till April, at least. I hope the […]


128/365 – Grill Job

We live in an era where finding your dream job – a job that helps you live while simultaneously gives you sense of purpose and fulfillment – is not just a possibility but a right.  Where our grandparents took jobs because it was a matter […]

That hand could instantaneously squeeze at any moment.  there is no safety, little guy.

97/365 – Stress!

I woke up last night – wait . . . scratch that.  I woke up this morning with the kind of anxiety reserved for lab rats.  You know, lab rats who know they’re part of some elaborate, cruel experiment and they’re just waiting for the […]

I will be John McClane this month!

96/365 – And Now the Hard Part Begins

Back in November I signed up for a pitching seminar at Columbia College.  What’s pitching, you ask.  Oh, pitching is the fine art of verbal story telling and being charming – at the same time.  Whenever a screenwriter or a producer wants to sell a […]

Right now, the only difference between me and Wooderson is that sweet mustache.

21/365 – Thank Yous

Thank Yous Marriage was supposed to be a step towards a more stable adulthood, right?  I mean, I didn’t think it would solve all my problems like some teenage girls think a baby will make their abusive football player boyfriend love them.  I just thought […]


12/365 – Back to the Grind

BACK TO THE GRIND Woke up and realized the honeymoon is over.  Oh, Megan and I are fine – great, in fact! What I mean is, literally, the Honeymoon is over.  The wedding is over.  The engagement is over.  The planning is over.  Everything is […]