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Tag Archives: Los Angeles

Tag Archives: Los Angeles

Isn't that right,

347/365 – Oh, Tell The Old Man In The Kitchen to SHUT UP!

Listen, I’m well aware of my age.  Just because you aren’t doesn’t mean I’m not.  It’s also no big secret that for the first time in my life I’m hiding my age from the public.  This isn’t some kind of midlife crisis or some ruse […]


335/365 – The Getty

In a town whose every inch is bathed in sunlight, we sure like to stay inside, Megan and I.  We could blame it on the heat, but come on, the heat ins;t teh culprit.  I think we’re just a little lazy.  And broke.  So going […]


328/365 – LA at Night

Thought this may, MAY be a day off.  Good try, Tamisiea.  Nope.  No day off for you.  So much writing.  So much work.  Between personal projects and professional (intern) I have a lot of shit to do.  So, blog, screw you.  My computer must be […]

And there's a lot of turd out here in LA.  A lot.

316/365 – You Know Who Your Friends Are . . .

. . . when they help you move.  Am I right, gang?  Huh?  Huh? Seriously.  There’s nothing worse than having to move on your own.  Megan and I experienced that dreadful experience when we moved here.  We had our pal Andrew with us for a […]


315/365 – Driving Motivation

When I was living in Chicago, going out was no problem.  If I was invited anywhere, I would just hop in my bike, a bus or the train and whip on down to said bar/apartment/eatery/theatre/snuff film shoot . . . you know, anywhere where my presence […]

John Frederick Lewis-628646

310/365 – Like Moses Through The Desert

Finally.  FINALLY, we get to spend the night in our own apartment.  We’re like the Israelites returning home after wandering the desert for years.  It just feels like since May 21, we’ve been without a country – without a home – nomads, searching for a […]


305/365 – Serrano Ave

All things change . . . positions.  Or, nothing stays put for long.  Um . . . to every thing, turn, turn, turn . . .  Damn it.  I’m saying it’s moving day, for crying out loud.  YES, another move.  So many moves.  Moves every […]


276/365 – Apartment Flip

When Megan and I were looking for our first place in Chicago, we were running into dead ends left and right.   One apartment was taken out form under our noses.  The others were just so sub par.  We decided to place our money on […]


273/365 – Wanted: Mediocre 60s Style Apartment Lacking Charm

The big difference between apartment hunting in Los Angels and Chicago is the amount of time you have to give yourself to find a place.  In Chicago, it’s not unheard of to start looking for an apartment 5 week before your move in date.  The […]

Sweet ride!

264/365 – Tamisieas and the Four Winds

So, after his long R&R visit to Omaha, Patrick has made his way back to Los Angeles before he heads back to San Francisco.  What a joy!  It’s nice having Pat in town . . . probably because in all reality, Los Angeles is more […]


242/365 – The Trip-Day 8: Destination California

Up and Adam!  Sort of.  With a twinge of dehydration and a yearning to be in California, Megan and I embark on our last day of travel.  We wake up, pack and head downstairs for the essential Las Vegas staple: the breakfast buffet.  Never really […]

Mischievous drunk.

228/365 – Cubs Win?

Eleven years ago I was living in New York City.  I was involved in a long distance relationship that had no end in site and I was deciding if I was gonna leave New York for greener pastures in Chicago.  The girl I was dating […]


200/365 – A Message From Jenna

Megan’s been looking up auditions in LA.  I want her to be happy and able to continue her acting when we move.  Ironically, I found this posted on Facebook — a blog post by Jenna Ficher; the woman who reminds me of Megan.  I think […]

2003 Timmy agrees . . . weeeee!

199/365 – 6 Tickets

Graduation.  A high watermark for many of us.  For most, it will happen only twice in their lifetime.  For others, it’s just a rolling date that delays their entrance into the world as a contributing member of society.  When I was in high school, it […]

variety masthead

188/365 – 30 Ridiculous “Slanguage” Terms Used in Variety

Variety.  The Hollywood Reporter.  The trades, as we call them, are an essential part of working and surviving in Hollywood.  The whole industry is built on the idea that it will always be fluid, always be changing and those who can follow those changes and […]


180/365 – Back to Reality

This will be short.  After 5 weeks of hob-nobbing with entertainment professionals and pitching to producers, coming back to Chicago and trying to get North Face to take me back on the payroll is kind of a let down.  I also have an interview with […]

Chicago sign

178/365 – Sweet Home Chicago!

Listen.  I don’t have time to write anything special for you, my dear readers.  I just got home surprising Megan after being gone for 6 weeks.  So I’m just giving you a video.  Enjoy.  I have 6 weeks to catch up with Megan . . […]

That mustache has more charm than all your body hair combined.

142/365 – Hollywood Shuffle

This is the first day of the rest of my life . . . I killed a man.  In cold blood.  With my mind . . . I’m on the run from a dozen of government agencies, including the FBI, CIA, LAPD, IRS, The Department […]


141/365 – Missing Her

If there’s any testament to the power of love, it has to one that errs on the side of suffering.  Love is something that brings great joy, but it’s power can be physically and tangibly felt when it turns sour.  Not the love itself – […]


140/365 – Driving . . . and Driving . . . and . . .

Driving.  I’ve been driving all day with nothing but Rockstar Energy Drink and some Chicken Fried Steak in my belly.  I feel gross and tired.  I’ve arrive in LA with a cloudy haze surrounding my head.  It’s an all too familiar feeling – one that […]