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Tag Archives: Marriage

Tag Archives: Marriage


365/365 – Good Night

Part of my job at Conan is to stand in the isle of the studio audience during the commercial breaks.  Not too sure of the purpose other than keeping an eye out for people taking pictures or recording the show.  The few times I’ve done […]

As crazy as these two look, it got worse when they started humping those bunnies a second after the picture was taken.

202/365 – Marriage; It Is What It Is.

Welcome to day 200!  When I started this blog, it was a device to adapt to the old adage, “Writers write.”  I would add “everyday” to the end of that.  Before October 1st (when this blog officially started) my writing was sporadic, uneven — hell, […]


151/365 – Leap Over My Year

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY!  That’s right.  I’ve been boring my readers with my banal sense of humor and poor grammar for 150 days.  That also means I’ve been married for 150 days.  Marriage! I could go on about what speakers I had today in class […]

The 38 Steps was so much better.

117/365 – 5 Things My Wife Doesn’t Know About Me

We’d all like to live with our significant other and know that everyday will bring a new, fresh surprise.  Maybe we’d discover some new quirk like, “You love Tang?  Crazy,” or, “I didn’t know you listened to Oingo Boingo,” or, “You murdered a family of […]

October 1, 2011.  The day we decided to make our relationship permanent . . . by super glueing my cheek to hers.

116/365 – ImprovE and Love

A few months ago, Megan and I’s wedding photographer, Janine McClintock, submitted our photos to an Omaha wedding magazine for a feature article.  We were interviewed last month and today the article has been posted on the web.  Weeeeee!  It’s a nice little article that […]


106/365 – Board my Ship, Matey!

Megan and I attended our friend’s wedding in Vegas today.  It was the most unique wedding I’ve been to – aboard the pirate ship at Treasure Island Casino.   Complete with a pirate swinging in to bring them the rings.  Tons of fun.  Weddings are […]


44/365 – Introducing Mrs. Megan Leigh Tamisiea

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the custom of a woman’s obligation to change her last name upon nuptials was pretty ridiculous.  If a lady wants to keep her last name, more power to her.  I mean, some of us have trouble parting […]